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The AribaWeb Team: Who We Are

There have been some questions concerning the composition of the UI Framework Team at Ariba on this discussion group recently. I wanted to address these questions, reveal a little about the team behind the curtain -- and make a request of my own. :-)

We have on our team:
  • Kingsley: A soft-spoken, resourceful, fine-food-loving skinny guy with an amazing UI brain and extensive UI experience. An Ariba-veteran (more years than he cares to admit) who, when he is not providing guidance and dispensing knowledge to Ariba-internal folks, spends his time on AribaWeb.

  • Mohan: Another soft-spoken member of our team, who won his place on the UI team by writing an internal tool which demonstrated that he had basically figured out the core of AW all by himself. A relative youngster, Mohan works on Ariba-internal UI features. All AW goodness gets open-sourced, of course.

  • Michael: Not-at-all soft-spoken and a definite youngster. Michael keeps us entertained with his unique brand of humor. Relatively new to Ariba, Michael works on internal-to-Ariba projects and every bug he fixes in Ariba Web, you all get.

  • Dave: Me. Not really softly-spoken, not really skinny and a long-time Ariba engineer. The manager of this great, tightly-knit group. I was once the Architect of the Ariba Platform. These days I don't write as much code as I used to, but I poke my nose in all the stuff going on in the UI layer (as the team can attest to) and I try to be helpful. I sometimes succeed.

In addition to this modestly-sized group of engineers, there are in excess of 100 developers on Ariba application teams who use AribaWeb day-in and day-out and frequently find and fix bugs and contribute enhancements. It would also be remiss of me to fail to mention our small but talented design team who works with us on interaction paradigms and visual look.

But here's the big news: we're expanding! Yes, we're hiring!

We have an open position in the UI for an absolutely kick-ass engineer who loves UI programming; the kind of person who gets chills when he or she encounters something like AribaWeb.

Essentially: if you're reading this, *someone like you*. Or, like someone you might know.

The position is in Sunnyvale, CA. Sorry, but we can only consider local applicants. If you are interested please respond to the job posting at:

We’d love to hear from you!

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