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AribaWeb: It’s time for productivity! II

You are probably expecting some details for each feature I was talking about in previous article but I just realized that I haven’t mentioned something really important. Initially my thoughts was to write about things that you do not see normally in other open source platforms and can really help get you up and running. I think AW Data table deserve its own place it’s a big topic because there is so much to tell but I will keep things simple and small.

One of the component you can find in AribaWeb open source stack is Data Table which can render various things starting from your data model, CSV files, XML files and other crazy formats without spending extra effort to write allot of UI code.

But the most interesting things are Pivot tables to present multi-dimensional data. You have plenty of desktop applications that can do it but maybe none free open source  for the web and enterprise ready. 

As you can see this component is really powerful. Among all the features you see on the pictures here you can:
  • You can edit every single cell
  • Support for outlines (section / item hierarchy)
  • Scroll faulting 
  • Spanning Columns
  • Details and Row Attributes
  • Custom Sort ordering 
  • Selection 
  • You can have nested column heading. Let the data to be your labels!
Some pictures from Pivot table’s overview:

Flat view table:

How about little one click away grouping with your custom pivot layout:

What if we simply change the layout?

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