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Version 5.0b7 Released! (12/2008)

With just an hour or so left in 2008 it's time for a major AribaWeb update: AribaWeb-5.0b7.

As always there's a new screencast to show off some of what's new.

In this case we build a real app (an email-integrated bug tracker with full text search, user auth, etc, etc), and show that a basic AW project has 100x less code that its Rails equivalent (and does a lot more).

See below for the full list of new features, and check out our site at to pull the latest code.

I look forward to hearing what you think!

Start 2009 off right: Spend the 1st catching up on your AW Screencasts! :-)

- craig

  • AtIssue: a new full-featured demo app

    • email integrated lightweight bug/task tracker
  • Full Text Search support via Compass/Lucene (JPA / Hibernate integration)

    • automatically used in choosers and search panels
  • New AppCore framework:

    • Basic User, Group, Permission support
    • Login (local auth)
    • MailMonitor
  • New CSV Data Loader

    • Automatically initializes new schemas by loading integration/pkg.ClassName.csv files
    • Support relationship initialization (automatic foreign key lookup)
  • New project template for Master Detail apps

    • Creates app set up for AppCore, Compass, ...
  • New mail parsing / viewing support (AWMimeParsedMessage, MimeMessageViewer)

    • Mail Client example updated to use it
  • MetaUI: many enhancements

    • New compact field ordering (and trait application) syntax: e.g.
      zLeft => firstName => lastName; zRight => email#required => phone;
    • New wrapper style traits (bold, italic, heading, ...)
    • OulineBox layout
    • DataTable detail row rendering support
    • Generic support in MetaIncludeComponent for wrappers, named contents
      • Also, easily propagate full bag of bindings to subcomponents (awbindingDictionary binding support)
    • Merge of "traits" and "trait" property (only "trait" lives on)
    • Support for using parent context traits in rules affecting nested keys. e.g.:
      module-trait=CoolMode { field { editing: false } }
  • Bug Fixes:

    • Build fix: re-builds were creating nested build directories (and breaking app re-launch)
    • Some metaui Context exceptions (on nested value override chaining)
    • MetaUI rapid-turnaround (reloading) fixes
    • Rebuild of groovy app not rebuilding groovy classes
  • Updated Dependencies

    • Updated to Hibernate 3.3.1, JavaMail 1.4.1, log4j-1.2.15


  1. Wonderfull thing! I have two questions:
    1. Is there some big commented example projects, to learn AW development? API reference is not so representative to learn...
    2. Can I create my own additions? E.g. I need to launch local processes with some arguments or send RPC/HTTP/Other requests, and wanto to implement it in my application?

  2. Hi Serg,

    1) We are working on better documentation right now for GA.
    2) Yes, AribaWeb works in any servlet container and will work with other Java/Groovy code in the same process.

    Please join our Discussion Group if you haven't already.

  3. Very interesting framework, maybe still unripe in some parts but yet based on strong foundations and innovative concepts like MetaUI and OSS files.
    Leaks in documentation even if videos are great.
    Personally I've found little difficulty in importing examples in eclipse and I still haven't get to work CSV Loader (my bad), but the rest seems to work great. I'd like to give a hand... :-)
    Keep it on.



  4. Hi Daniele,

    Thanks for the feedback. I hope that the doc that we posted last night helps! By the way, the CSV Loader issue (with loading demo data) was fixed in RC2 (also released last night).

  5. Hi,
    To say the least, I am impressed with your approach, technologies... this seems very promising. Few things:
    - do you know of any website that uses AW now?
    - Documentation needs much more effort
    - need to describe the architecture in more details
    - what is the plan for the future (1 year, 2 years)


  6. hi Kass,
    this is an example of a site that runs on ariba from front to back