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Announcing AribaWeb 5.0 (RC1)

The veil of secrecy is lifted: AribaWeb is going public! The AribaWeb team is proud to announce that today we are releasing the first (and likely only) release candidate before the GA release of AribaWeb 5.0: the first major Open Source release of AribaWeb!

To mark the occasion we've launched a much improved new website (

Here you can learn about what makes AribaWeb the premier full-stack component-based web application framework:
  • Auto Ajax
  • Instant App
  • Live Edit & X-Ray
  • Proven Full Stack
To bring it all home we, of course, had to create a new intro screencast!

You can get the full details on what's new in this release (and get the bits themselves) here -- suffice it to say that the focus of this release is performance, polish and (developer) productivity. Enjoy!


  1. My greetings to the AribaWeb Team.

    You did an amazing job, guys.

    Framework looks VERY impressive!

    Keep it up!

  2. The issue tracker demo is stunning. I will have to check this out. Of course, the true test is when you try to do something that the framework didn't anticipate--how hard are such things, do you end up not being able to round-trip manual changes through the UI designer tool etc.

    But I have to admit no demo has amazed me this much since the first time a saw Rails demoed.

  3. Double thumbs.up() ^^

    any hint when will the GA released ?