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New "AribaWeb by Example" Tutorials!

We couldn't be happier with the reception AribaWeb has received in its first two weeks in the public eye. In the interest of accelerating the learning process for our new developers we've just released some indispensable new documentation: the AribaWeb by Example developer's guide. And, to go with it, we're releasing AribaWeb 5.0RC2.

In addition to an Overview that breaks down the role of the various modules of the AribaWeb stack, the guide contains two in depth tutorials:
These chapters take a tutorial approach to introducing key framework concepts. And along the way are links to reference documentation for key AW classes and components to enable deeper exploration.

The coming few weeks will bring complete versions of the chapters on MetaUI and MetaUI-JPA, and the GA release of AribaWeb 5.0! In the meantime, please dig in to RC2 and the new documentation and let us know what you think!


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  2. Guys,

    Very good jobs. I think many things are clear now for most of the audience here. As I have been playing with this AribaWeb for couple years still many things were hidden for me and this Project uncovered it all for me. You know when you do customization on Customer side you dont do much AWL changes.

    I think nobody likes to read long documentations and trying to understand what it really meant but when you have this By Example tutorial uncovering each area of aribaweb most users can start quickly and can be more productive.


    Frank Kolar

  3. Hi there,

    it's time for MetaUI and MetaUI-JPA parts. We are waiting for it so much :)

  4. WOW! AribaWeb looks very powerful and efficient. Perhaps i'll be rewarded for taking a long long time to choose the "right" AJAX/web application dev environment to immerse in. I really enjoyed the "AribaWeb by Example" articles. IMHO they are very well written. (Didn't see author name but well done whoever you are.) Like Egle, i am also looking forward to seeing parts III & IV finished.

  5. Any books on AribaWEB ? I can't seem to find any, and if it goes on like this, I might turn out to be the first one to author one!